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Smoothing, Frizz Control & Shine

EGO BOOST - Split End Mender/ Leave-In Conditioner

Boost that ego and save your hair. This Split End Mender/ Leave-In Conditioner mends and protects dry, damaged hair from environmental elements, chemical treatments, shampoos and brushing. Leaving hair smooth & healthy looking. Great for high textured hair or hair with split ends. Smoothes, seals & protects hair.

AFTER PARTY - Smoothing Cream For Silky, Shiny, Healthy Looking Hair!

The perfect party favour. After-Party hair lightweight crème- for silky, smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair. Control the funky fly-aways and silk-ify your hair.

After Party will leave your hair smooth & soft and can be used on any length or texture of hair.

STRAIGHTEN OUT - 98% Humidity Defying Straightening Cream!

Superstar thermosetting polymers power this high performance hot iron cream. For 48 hour serious, serious straight, even in 98% humidity.

Straighten Out gives you long-lasting straight, smooth, tamed hair with improved manageability, frizz control and enhanced texture.

SPOIL ME - Defrizzer, Smoother, And Instant Re-Styler

Get spoiled…instantly. Indulge yourself with this smoothing antistatic defrizzer that gives light movable hold. Be spoiled…it’s all about smooth, soft sexy hair.

Spoil Me lightly conditions your hair whilst giving heat protection making it ideal for everyday use!

HEADRUSH - Shine Adrenaline With A Superfine Mist


A lightweight aerosol supershine mist that gives explosive shine for immaculate, healthy looking hair

Headrush Leaves hair smooth, silky & shiny with extreme gloss! its great for any heair length and texture and won't weigh your hair down.

This unique product adds depth to highlights and colour quick, even, all over shine.

Curl Enhancing

ON THE REBOUND - Curl Recall Cream

Reform rebellious curls into soft and defined ringlets. Our curl recall technology instantly reforms, ensuring curls spring back into shape with just one scrunch.

On The Rebound ensures flattened, collapsed curls are able to spring back into shape after scrunching. Awesome curl retention properties and it also protects hair from humidity, helping ensure defined curls and ringlets.


Control your curls and fight the frizz. Foxy Curls Contour Cream encourages and supports curls by resisting humidity and giving soft hold.

Will add shine to your curls too.

FOXY CURLS SPRAY - Hi-Def Curl Spray

Upgrade your curls to HD! Defines and separates your curls while defending them against frizz.

Foxy curls Spray is a medium hold styling spray that defines and smoothes curls and locks in shine whilst preventing fly-aways. The supportive spray creates the perfect shape giving moisture and softness.

Thickening & Volumizing


3-IN-1 THICKIFIER, ENERGIZER, STYLIZER - Thickifier – adds body, hold and volume

Thickifier – adds body and volume.

Energizer – gives life to limp hair.

Stylizer – defines, separates and controls.

Small Talk is great for any length or texture. it gives voluminous & energized hair leaving it frizz free and moistureised. 

SUPERSTAR BLOWDRY LOTION - Thermal Blowdry Lotion For Thick Massive Hair

Superstar is a thermal blow dry lotion that pumps up volume to unbelievable heights.

Get thick, massive hair with this lightweight lotion! it's great for any hair length or texture and it protects hair from styling damage!


Feel like a queen, look like a Superstar!! Get volume, body and lift that just won’t quit!!

Thick, massive hair is what you can get! Superstar Queen For A Day has great style memory with a low tack & a natural feel and is good for fine to medium hair texture, any length.

Don’t be scared to use this product on dry hair as it works perfectly layered in to build texture. Spray all over for volume, body and lift. Even better when used with Superstar Blow-dry Lotion  to create thick massive hair when a stronger hold is desired. Can be used in wet or dry hair.


MANIPULATOR - A Funky Gunk That Rocks

Be a Master Manipulator. Get whacked-out hair – spike, twist dreads or go punky. More  mainstream? Get body and texture.

Manipulator gives a separation & texture with a matte finish staying pliable, supportive & long-lasting. It's good for any hair length or texture as it separates & smoothes fly-aways.

UP FRONT - Rocking Gel Pomade

Get into the current mood for rock’n’roll with NEW Up Front Rocking Gel Pomade. Designed to create sleek, shiny, sculpted quiffs, as well as any styles that require great shine and hold, without the sticky business. 

Up Front adds texture and builds body to create thicker looking hair. it's ideal to create either retro inspired looks, or various other edgy hairstyles.



HARD HEAD HAIRSPRAY - Hard Hold Hairspray

Relentless hold and control – dries instantly! The more you use the harder it gets.

Hard Head will  holds any style and remain strong, flexible & relentless on any hair length or texture and it dries instantly. Layer Hard Head Spray to increase firmness.


MAXXED OUT - Massive Hold Hairspray

Quit your bitchin’! Use Maxxed-Out non-aerosol hairspray with P.M.S. complex (Pump. Massive. Style). This quick drying unisex formula guarantees massive hold and super shine.

Holds whatever style you want with its strong to super strong hold as it can deal with any hair length or texture and it enhances shine.

FUN TIMES - Flexible Hairspray

Party on! Flexible hold keeps your hair rockin'. Tour tested and rockstar approved!

Fun Times provides hold while fighting humidity and providing protection from sun damage. It adds shine and protects against damage from styling tools preventing dryness and combating fly-aways. This flexible hairspray also strengthens hair shaft.

MASTERPIECE HAIRSPRAY - Massive Shine Hairspray

Turn your hair into a work of art that lasts all day! Massive shine, serious hold!! Voila!

Masterpiece Hairspray holds any style an any hair length and texture. It’s humidity resistant and environmentally friendly.

OH BEE HIVE! - Matte Dry Shampoo

Scale new heights with uber 60s beehives. This dry shampoo with super fine powder absorbs the excess oils that weigh your hair down to release massive body, for sky high volume. Now rock that updo!

Create massive lift at the roots, helping hair look and feel fuller and giving it more texture making it easier to style and secure up-dos.

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