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Total Results BLONDE CARE Range

NEW BLONDE CARE – enriched with Defence 360 Technology™ with Camomile and Panthenol

Camomile is traditionally been known to help brighten hair and also Panthenol is known for its conditioning properties. This unique formula also enhances shine in the hair and prolongs the radiance of multi-dimensional blonde tones.

Blonde Care Shampoo – Luxurious cleanser that promotes healthiness as it softens and detangles hair for an enhanced brilliant shine on natural or colour treated blonde hair.

Blonde Care Weightless Conditioner – Gives intense moisture without adding weight to your hair. This lightweight formula prolongs radiance of blonde tones.

Blonde Care Flash Filler™ Mist – fills in porous hair fiber with every use to fortify and maintain brightness of blonde hair. It instantly seals the hair cuticle and absorbs for lustrous shine. Formula with UV filters prolingd radiance of blonde tones.

Total Results HEAT RESIST Range

HEAT RESIST - enriched with HEAT SCREEN TECHNOLOGY™ Xylose + Hydra-Sugars.

Xylose protects and coats hair to disperse heat evenly whilst the Hydra-Sugars bind to hair fibre to trap in moisture.

The perfect blowout with complete heat styling protection of up to 450° F*/ 232°C.  


Heat Resist Shampoo –Softens detangles and cleanses as it primes hair for protection against heat styling tools. 

Heat Resist Conditioner - Helps hair retain moisture for intense heat protection. It moisturizes intensely without weighing hair down.

Heat Resist Iron Tamer Smoothing Lotion - Silky, smoohting lotion. Suited for all heating tools REDUCES heat styling friction. Provides protection during blow-drying and ironing and gives light hold. 

Total Results AMPLIFY Range

AMPLIFY – enriched with 24HR FULL BOOST TECHNOLOGY Phyto-Protien + Panthenol. 


Phyto-Protein gives limp hair real strength and Panthenol is a lightweight humectant that conditions without weight. 

The Total Results Amplify Range resolves the challenges of fine limp hair for voluminous results that last 24 hours.

Amplify Shampoo – Volumize’s fine hair as it cleanses, adding  lightweight texture and lasting lift for hair that looks bodified.

Amplify Conditioner –Nourishes and detangles, adds lightweight volume with continuous lifting power. 

Amplify Volumizing Foam -Builds lasting fullness and touchable thickness. Provides full-bodied lift and support giving touchable thickness and volume all over. Lightweight whipped formula with select styling Polymers give hair hold without adding weight adding conditioning shine.

Amplify Wonder Boost-Root Lifter


1, Clean, weightless formula with protein and panthenol provides flexible hold

2, Directional nozzle provides brilliant root lift and body 

3, Full volume boost lasts all day 

4, Touchable fullness that's not still or sticky

Total Results SLEEK Range

SLEEK – enriched with 24HR Smooth Repair Technology with Ceramide + Shea Butter.

Ceramide penetrates to repair and strengthen damaged cuticle layer and Shea Butter moisturizes from root to tip to give hair silky lustre.  


The Total Results Sleek Range helps resolve the challenges of your frizzy, unruly hair, leaving it appear smoother for up to 24 hours (when using system of shampoo and condition).


Sleek Shampoo – Cleanses, moisturizes, smoothes and controls frizz with all-day humidity protection (when using the system of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in cream) 

Sleek Conditioner –Moisturizes and it helps smooth, detangle and control frizz with all-day humidity protection  leaving damaged hair looking shiny and feeling replenished all day (When using the system of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in cream)

Total Results CURL Range

CURL – enriched with Anti-Frizz Nutri-Curl Technology with Jojoba Oil + Wheat Protein

Jojoba Oil is very nourishing adding moisture helping create definition and shine throughout each curl strand. Wheat Protein Helps support the structure and add strength to each curl strand.

The Total Results Curl Range solves the challenges of curly hair for in-control curls, so your hair will be de-frizzed root to tip!

Curl Shampoo -Gently cleanses and nourishes as it helps control frizz. It has Cationic Conditioning Agents that distribute moisture throughout curls, but focuses on areas that need it the most.

Curl Conditioner - Replenishes moisture, detangles and defines as it controls frizz. It also has Cationic Conditioning Agents plus silicones which give brilliant shine and conditioning. The conditioner also contains Potato Starch; this forms a natural film on hair that tames down frizz to help keep curl definition.

Total Results REPAIR Range

REPAIR enriched with Cuticle Rebond Technology™ with Ceramide + Amio-Silicones

Ceremide penetrates the hair fibre to repair and fill in porosity and then the Amino Silicones resurface and seal the cuticle.

The Total Results Repair Range solves the challenges of distressed, damaged hair for strong, lustrous hair by restoring the inside and resurfacing the outside of hair. 

Repair Shampoo - High foaming formula that cleanses and boosts strength and shine.   

Repair Conditioner - Delivers nourishing strength and shine to rebuild brittle strands with its rich, lightweight creamy texture and rebond technology.   

Repair Strength Pak Intensive Treatment -Deeply reconstructs the hair fiber for healthy shine, strength and manageability. Deeply reconstructs the hair fiber as it targets areas to rebuild strength. Intensely nourishes and leaves hair feeling reinforced and protected against damage.


Repair Break Fix Leave-In Elixir - Performs a deep fiber reconstruct to help repair damage and prevent breakage. Instantly resurfaces brittle strands as it recharges healthy shine. It resurfaces strands as it recharges shine.

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